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Friday, April 2, 2010


the winner of my contest the only one that entered is yes of course Eldarwen just post in a comment the url to your fav pic of anything and i will see what i can do :) well if you enter now everyone else you might still have a chance since only Eldarwen entered... so HURRY cause if you dont Eldarwen will win!

4 inspiring dreams from BFFS:

The Golden Eagle said...

"Leaves on a Breeze"
I sweep,
I fall,
I caress,
Swishing softly,
Life passes me by
My former home
Tall above,
Golden friends,
Fly away.

And your button is on my sidebar. :)

Elyse Martin said...

Thanks and AWESOME poem golden eagle!

Adria said...

I'm really bad at poems so can I just send the pix?

Elyse Martin said...

Yeah adria you can just send the pix :) lol