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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TGDB week 2


Starting time... 3:46 P.M


Outside my window.. SUNNY

I'm reading...Nothing i am hoping to get percy jackson and the olympians

I'm listening to... to my keyboard type..

I'm wearing...converse, jean knee pants and happy bunny shirt that says i did it buy im blaming u!

Yesterday... Sunny

I'm excited for... Geting to be in a musci video ( YES IT TRUE I REALLY GET TO BE DETAILS LATER!)

I'm sad because... I am not sad at all!

I'm hungry for...DONUTS

The song stuck inside my head is... Snine by the newsboys

I want... Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds to be on all the time.. lol well not ALL the time...

I love...Spring..

I loathe...having to clean my room..

This week, my goal is... HAVE FUN!

Did I meet last week's goal? Nope

Ending time...3:51 P.M

Yippers i am going to be in a music video with REAL videoographers! feel free to ask questions LOL sorry i am nto trying to brag i just think it is going to be really AWESOME i just hope i will be ready for my close up HAHA! JK!

3 inspiring dreams from BFFS:

Adria said...

coool! a music video? For who/why/when/will you post it??


The Golden Eagle said...

cool! what IS it, exactly?

Elyse Martin said...

Okay adria, it is for my dance class and something else i forgot what and why is cause i dont know why when is may 29 and i dont know it depends on how they give it to me... golden eagle it is umm just me dancing and my friends and i think maybe not there might be someone singing.. they are also going to be video taping my WHOLE dance recital i will see if i can get that on here to :)! yeah sorry adria i dont really remember who else it is for this is the first time i have ever done this so i dont know what she is going to do with it but i am excited well hope this answers your questions and if you have anymore feel free to ask! and i dont know what the video ppl are going to do maybe if they like it they might show it to someone famous! lol jk well idk who knows they might!!!!!