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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My giveaway!

OKay i decided what to do soooo.......

                                     I am having a poetry contest! And heres how to enter!
                            1.for your 1st entry comment and let me know you'd like to enter for the giveaway

2.for a 2nd entry, Post your poem in a comment.

3.for a 3rd entry, put my blog's button on your side bar {if you already have it on your sidebar, that counts too, just be sure to let me know}

4.post about my giveaway and comment here with the url to your post for a 4th entry

5.ONLY FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE A BLOG, OR HAVE A PRIVATE BLOG AND CAN'T POST ABOUT IT, OR USE MY BUTTON: comment with your favorite song writer/band thingy lol
Well have fun and please enter! Remember the winnerS ( there is going to be 2 of you :) win a picture thingy!
That could have been said better! This givaway ends hmmm UHHH I dont know when! good luck!

2 inspiring dreams from BFFS:

Eldarwen said...

Hi, Elyse! I'm sorry it took me so long to read your giveaway post! :)

1. I'd love to enter!

2. Here's my poem: SNOW
You rest upon my face, making your presence known.
I bundle up to see you, so you won't be alone.
You always make me smile, and laugh when I'm with you.
If only you could stay a while and make my nose turn blue.
As you gently leave my presence, I whisper my goodbye.
"I'll come again next winter," your humble, sweet reply.

Good luck with your giveaway! =D {hugs}


Elyse Martin said...

Oh my gosh Eldarwen that poem is beautiful! I Have written 3 or 4 poems i forgot how many that is what made me want to do a poem contest!