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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back.... just today... fire, books,snake bite....


I've been awarded soo here goes!

                 This was awarded by kenzy! thanks!

And i stole this from the golden eagle cause im homeschooled!


And if anyone has awarded me or tagged me let me know ( : XD!

Back to me :) were busy last weekend my neighbors house burned... :( to the ground... my mom ran in the BURNING house to help people/animals
Luckily there were no people
....only 3 dogs!
our other neighbor and us were calling 911....
But it took them 2 hours to get the fire out!
And the fire was set.....
.....Also my little sister got bit by a snake we spent all of monday morning in the hospital.....
shes fine it was not a posionous snake!
And is anyone else reading the percy jackson books?
Cause i am and i L O V E them!
Well if u have any questions let me know just thought i'd update u guys and say i do still read y'alls blogs!
And check on mine to see if anyone has commented!
I will be making update posts just so y'all know :)XD

3 inspiring dreams from BFFS:

The Golden Eagle said...

I've read Percy Jackson and I really liked it! I haven't seen the movie (yet) but I'd like to sometime.

Adria said...

Wow, that's really sad about your neighbor's house :( I remember when that happened to one of my neighbors...it still freaks me out! XP

Elyse Martin said...

Yeah it was REALLY scary...