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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

taggy stuff

1. skinny jeans or flare jeans? um.. both cause i own both...
2. do you like graphic tees? hmm... yeah yeah i do lol i <3 t-shirts :)
3. what are your favorite stores? ross, sometimes walmart idk JCpennys...
4. do you prefer the preppy look or the gothic look? EWW nether!
5.mall or the thrift store? both!!!
6. do you wear make up? sometimes..
7. what is your style like? umm.. skinny jeans and a tee & converse shoes?
8. do you wear designer clothes? umm rarely only on special occasions :)
9.what type of shoes are you adiccted to? hmm hmm.. DC and converse!
10. do you like dresses? depends...
11. what kind of plaid do you prefer?   uh ah eee err.. plaid i guess lol all plaids MAYBE??...

             well thats it i tag anyone who wants to type :)

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